Charter of best practices

Charter of Good Sanitary Practices

At Les Centauris, we make every effort to welcome you in compliance with the latest health recommendations, without losing sight of your comfort and well-being, and keeping the warmth of our welcome as high as possible.

Spaces and distance

Our vast home makes it possible to respect social distance, both through the fully adaptable configuration of tables, indoors or outdoors weather permitting, and through the many communal spaces available (several separate lounge areas, private tea room, outdoor lounge areas). This enables us to maintain as much conviviality as possible, while respecting distances.

Breakfasts and Meals

For dinners, we offer either a large convivial table or separate, more intimate tables. As always, we use produce from our own kitchen garden, or almost all from local producers in a very limited area around Les Centauris, for both breakfasts and meals. On request, we can provide packed lunches or picnics. Our space allows for a wide range of configurations.

Maintenance of common areas, linen and rooms

We follow a strict protocol for cleaning and disinfecting all common elements, as well as for linen care, in accordance with the UNPLV charter mentioned above. The entire house and all our rooms are either fully tiled or equipped with modern flooring, all surfaces allowing for optimal cleaning. Disinfectant gel is available in common areas. For multi-night stays, we regularly clean your room, notifying you in the morning to ensure that no-one enters your room without your permission.

Play areas, swimming pool, leisure activities...

Communal leisure areas (sports, reading and games rooms) are freely accessible, with regular cleaning of equipment and provision of cleaning products and gels. Our swimming pool is equipped with continuous salt filtration and treatment, ensuring water disinfection in compliance with recommended standards. Our various brochures and tourist information, usually available on a self-service basis, are available on request, or in digital form if available.

Pour conclure, nous nous attachons à penser à tous les détails qui nous permettront de vous recevoir dans une tranquilité d'esprit maximale, afin de profiter au mieux de votre séjour en Bretagne. N'hésitez pas à nous communiquer vos suggestions ou remarques, et à très bientôt!