things to do and see around us

Things to do around us

In the heart of the Falaises d'Armor, 8km from the sea, our Bed and Breakfast offers you a privileged location to discover all the richness of the Côtes d'Armor, from the bay of Saint Brieuc, going up the coast of Goëlo via Saint Quay Portrieux, Plouha and its cliffs, Gwin Zegal, to the bay of Paimpol and the landing stage of the island of Bréhat, before reaching the Pink Granite Coast. Following the Trieux estuary, by boat or steam train, you will go up to Pontrieux or the Château de la Roche Jagu. Between Land and Sea you will be able to discover our magnificent regional heritage and its jealously preserved nature. The Centauris also offer central access to all the leisure activities that our region has to offer, from hiking or cycling to golf, or to the leisure activities offered by the nearby sea. Whatever the season, our beautiful country offers you unforgettable experiences and visits. Our partnership with the local tourist offices helps us to inform or advise you on the leisure activities and visits that will enrich your stay. Here are some of our favorites, and feel free to visit our Facebook page for more local news!


Saint-Quay-Portrieux lives to the rhythm of the sea and boats. Its harbors and shellfish industry bear witness to this. A pleasant seaside resort set against the rocky slopes of the Baie de Saint-Brieuc. Saint-Quay-Portrieux hosts numerous events. The port of Saint-Quay is home to our Obiwan boat, ready to show you the beauty of the coast as seen from the sea!

The cliffs of Plouha, the GR34 and the Shelburn course

Follow the famous "Sentier des Douaniers", or GR34, between reefs and cliffs, moors and heather, and admire beautiful panoramas overlooking the cliffs of Plouha, the highest cliffs in Brittany, then the island of Bréhat from the Bay of Paimpol. Less than 10mn from the Centauris, the GR 34 is waiting for you! But several other hiking trails are accessible directly from us. Discover also the Shelburn trail, a unique experience to discover this high place of WW2 resistance, guided by the application developed by the Tourist Office of the Falaises d'Armor.


Paimpol is famous for having been one of Iceland's major fishing ports in the early 20th century. Pierre Loti wrote a novel about it, Pêcheur d'Islande. In Paimpol, don't miss the port and the narrow streets of the historic center, with its flea markets, antique shops, art galleries and beautiful granite shipowners' residences. Nearby, embark for the Ile de Brehat, or visit Lezardrieux and its deepwater port. In summer, Paimpol is home to the Festival des Vieux gréments, alternating with the Festival des Chants Marins, a not-to-be-missed event in our region.

Bréhat Island

The island of Bréhat is also known as the "Flower Island", because of the spectacle of nature in full bloom all year round, offering an ever-changing palette of colors. The island is home to many exotic species brought back from their expeditions by Brehat sailors. In 1907, the island was the first natural site in France to be classified as a "remarkable natural site and monument". After a ten-minute crossing, explore this corner of paradise on foot, by bike or aboard a tractor-towed wagon, and wander through the narrow streets and beaches offering magnificent views over the bay.

Pontrieux and its washhouses

Nicknamed "Little Venice of the Trégor", this charming little town of character in the heart of the Trieux Valley invites you to stroll along its narrow streets by day and night, and to take a charming boat trip to discover the 50 private washhouses that line the Trieux River in the heart of the town. Each bourgeois family had its own washhouse, to limit the chatter of the washerwomen and prevent their family stories from being revealed around a communal washhouse... Hence the maxim "wash your dirty laundry in the family!"

Gwin Zegal

Just 8km from us, Gwin Zegal is one of the last two representatives in France of a very special type of anchorage, dating back to the Middle Ages: anchoring on wooden piles. Some thirty tree trunks are planted in the sea sand. This is where the boats moor. The trees come from the Kério forest in Pléguien, 2 minutes from our home. The president of the yachting club explains: "They're American red oaks, around thirty years old. They are supplied to us by Leff Armor Communauté. In return, we are replanting trees on the Kério site.

Steam and the Trieux ferryman

From Paimpol, take a picturesque little train, lovingly restored by local enthusiasts, or a human-sized boat piloted by a guide with a passion for the region, to reach the magnificent town of Pontrieux. You can either take the Trieux from Lezardrieux to the Pontrieux lock, or the railroad line that overlooks this magnificent inlet. You can make the round trip by train or boat, or combine the two for an even more magical experience. A unique and picturesque experience that will delight young and old alike!

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